Alpine zone, Mt. Washington, NH

Mt. Washington is the highest peak in Northeastern United States and it holds the record for highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth’s surface — 372 km/h. For me the most impressive part of Mt. Washington is the “alpine zone”.  Along the auto road we drove through towards the summit, the view became quite different, though it’s not exactly as what we had imagined — full of colorful leaves. What we actually saw was mountains hiding in the sea of clouds and primitive roads built up with rough rocks heading into the clouds. And we found quite a few piles of rocks which we didn’t know what it was for. Mysterious as it is, we shall probably think of it as a witness  of all the brave hikers who conquered Mt. Washington  and probably a symbol of a old culture or tradition.


Colorful Leaves, Waterville Valley, NH

At one of the parking lots that we pulled over the car and walk into the scenes. When we came out of the scene and were ready to head to the next destination, this fantastic view jumped into our eyes. The tip of the mountain was still surrounded by cloud and mist, but the foot of it had already showed us a variety of different possibilities of foliage colors in the beautiful fall.  Isn’t it like an oil painting?


Sabbaday Falls, Waterville Valley, NH

Although the recent trip to New Hampshire was defined as a “foliage trip”, it was actually way more than that — and waterfalls were definitely an important element in this trip. Like all other people driving on the Kancamagus Highway, we stopped almost every a few miles to walk into the forests, to see the running water and to breathe the fresh air. But we almost missed this one even though Sabbaday Falls are said to be one of the most popular and most frequently being visited waterfalls in New Hampshire! When I took this picture, one of our companions said that it looked like a wedding gown. Indeed!