Firework, Rochester, NY

“People in a lot of cities really want to have an orchestra; for those cities having an orchestra, they want a good one; for those cities having a good orchestra, they want RPO.”! Standing on the main bridge, listening to the passionate music, enjoying the breeze coming from the Genesee River, and watching fireworks in different color and shape explode above our head, it’s just another wonderful night here at Rochester. Happy July the 4th!


George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

At the entrance of George Eastman House, the home of the founder of Kodak company. Not too many visitors there due to the renovation, yet, we came across to several newly-married couples. One couple and their families are enjoying the wedding ceremony at a Greek Church nearby, another one are taking wedding photographs in the gorgeous garden of George Eastman House. Here comes the third one. Accompanied by family and friends, the bride went through the corridor and came towards us, towards a brand new chapter in her life, towards hundreds and thousands of “tomorrows”, some are special days, most will just be normal. But today, at this moment, she must be the happiest person in the world.