“Medieval” Lady, Sterling, NY

An interesting festival nearby: The Sterling Renaissance Festival. A typical middle age English town is recreated here in Sterling, and a majority of the people here wear the complicated but fancy costumes (not only the actors and actresses but also visitors!). Walking in this area, sometimes you felt like that you have accidentally caught a time machine and flew back to the old days, to that different age.  Yet more often, you have the feeling that you were in a British movie or TV series, be it Downtown Abbey or Pride and Prejudice. The topic of the festival is “The Highland Fling” on the day we visited, so naturally, we won’t miss the lovely bagpipes and highland dance!


Bubble Man, Fairport, NY

Remember those beautiful bubbles back to the time when we are kids? We get more at Fairport! Kids really love these fancy bubbles: they chase them, they hug them, they run, they laugh.  They really remind us of those sweet moments in our childhood, when we are naive, but young.

Lift Bridge, Fairport, NY

Getting bored with the quiet Webster neighborhood,  we finally decide to explore a little bit about what is going on nearby. And lucky for us, there are indeed some events happening during the weekends: The annual festival for the Erie Canal, Fairport Canal Days! It is really a nice get-together for local artists, musician, and more importantly, it is a party for the local people to enjoy the great food and have fun. Along the main street, there are quite a few interesting shops with different artifacts being sold, pottery, jewelry, paintings, to name a few. And here comes the Lift Bridge, which connects the two sections of the main street on both sides of the canal, and like Tower Bridge in London, it can even be lifted when ships are coming!  Cool!