Couple, Boston, MA

On my way back from Newbury Street, I noticed this couple in the Public Garden. In the sunny afternoon, they quietly sat on the bench, each reading a book. The lady wore a white dress, simple and elegant, but also looked just like a teenager girl. Maybe this is his favorite? Not too far away, two young artists were happily playing violin and cello and they were rewarded by rounds of applause by the audience.  This is just the moment you will realize how wonderful it is to be with someone important to you, to do something interests you, and to appreciate the beauty of a simple life.


Tulips, Boston, MA

Spring is always quite short in Boston and everything seems to happen overnight — All of a sudden, we welcome the season of tulips! There are a few different types of tulips in the public garden, the classical yellow tulips, the red and purple ones, and even the black tulips (which look great!). All-together, the public garden has turned into a sea of tulips.


Back Bay Fens, Boston, MA

This spring comes a bit late — though it is mid-April now, flowers are not quite ready to bloom and trees are not prepared to wearing on the green “clothes” yet. But there are always early birds. Right in the Back Bay Fens, the only tree with lovely small red flowers attracted not only me, but also a couple of American Robin.


Charles River, Cambridge, MA

Hit by the historic snowstorm Nemo, which is said to be as bad as the 1978 blizzard with the same name, the whole city of Boston is covered by feet of heavy snow throughout the day. Charles River, of course, is not only frozen, but also enjoying its own share of snow. People even walk in the streets and along the river with their skateboards — ski field is just everywhere. Yet, enjoying the peaceful view of a whole white Charles River is also a choice, and it might even be a better one for some guys.


Wild Duck, Boston, MA

While walking towards the Longfellow Bridge via the back bay area, I saw tens of wild ducks swim back and forth in a small tributary of the Charles River. They seemed to have no certain destinations — maybe for them, keep swimming is just a lifestyle, like human beings keep working. There are two types of ducks, one with somewhat brown feather, and the others are green-headed. Lucky for them, in the world of wild ducks, “race discrimination” is not an issue: different ducks swim together — they are even on the same wavelength about how to pose in front of my camera.


Boston Public Library, Boston, MA

As one of the oldest city in United States, Boston owns quite some titles as “the first” in this country — and Boston Public Library is among the contributors to such titles. Quote from Wikipedia: Boston Public Library “was the first publicly supported municipal library in the United States, the first large library open to the public in the United States, and the first public library to allow people to borrow books and other materials and take them home to read and use”.  Though having seen some other large libraries before, I was still quite impressed by the huge amount and diversity of the collection in Boston Public Library. Randomly wandering in the library, seeing the staff walking by with their carts and readers enjoying their books in a ray of warm sunshine, I recalled the ad slogan of the cafe in the library: The smartest place in the city to eat. Well, I guess the greatest thing about the library is not how smart you are now, but how eager you are to be smarter — and eagerness to be smarter is usually the first off to smart.