Florida Bay, U.S. Route 1, FL

A couple of my college friends in U.S. planned a reunion party at Florida in March. Personally one of the highlights of this trip is the journey heading to Key West — the southmost island of U.S. continent — through U.S. Route 1. I’ve heard so many friends who had taken this fabulous drive telling me how enjoyable it was when you drove on the highway while being surrounded by the crystal-clear sea. And it was indeed very impressive! At some moment I almost felt that this highway was endless and we were driving into the deep center of the sea. The sea water was definitely the clearest I’ve ever seen after I came to U.S., which often reminded me of the sea at Sanya, Hainan. U.S. Route 1 actually connects many islands (“Florida Keys”) on the southern coast of Florida, and you can also get off the highway to take a visit at the islands — We had a tight schedule though so we had to drive directly to Key West, but we still got many chances to “window-seeing” those interesting sights, like the Seven Mile Bridge.


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