Couple, Boston, MA

On my way back from Newbury Street, I noticed this couple in the Public Garden. In the sunny afternoon, they quietly sat on the bench, each reading a book. The lady wore a white dress, simple and elegant, but also looked just like a teenager girl. Maybe this is his favorite? Not too far away, two young artists were happily playing violin and cello and they were rewarded by rounds of applause by the audience.  This is just the moment you will realize how wonderful it is to be with someone important to you, to do something interests you, and to appreciate the beauty of a simple life.


Tulips, Boston, MA

Spring is always quite short in Boston and everything seems to happen overnight — All of a sudden, we welcome the season of tulips! There are a few different types of tulips in the public garden, the classical yellow tulips, the red and purple ones, and even the black tulips (which look great!). All-together, the public garden has turned into a sea of tulips.