Sunrise Park, Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is said to be “the best vacation destination” in California, but for me, the most impressive things about Palm Springs are the ever-lasting sunshine and the amazing landscape of this small town. Looking from the air, this city is really “growing” out of the desert: it is surrounded by rocky mountains and even just a few miles from the downtown, what you will see is simply desert. Yet there are still fancy things going on here: golf courses, ¬†swimming pool, luxury hotels…And by the way, Palm Springs is sunny more than 300 days a year!


Claiborne Pell Bridge, Newport, RI

Thanks to a reunion of my high school friends, I visited Rhode Island for the first time last week. We went to Newport to visit a couple of historic mansions including the Breakers and the Elms, both of which are remarkable for their architectural style and all kinds of elegant arts and collections. Walking in these mansions kept reminding me of scenes in Downton Abbey, which in turn always reminds me how the world changes dramatically in the past century. Before we left, we decided to visit this famous bridge at Newport — we’ve seen its picture pretty frequently but didn’t really see the real bridge even once in a whole day. And right before the sunset, we somehow managed to get close to the bridge by driving to a dead-end, and the wind there was just too strong that I almost can’t take any pictures!