Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA

Dusk at Elliott Bay. After a busy day, everything went back to be quiet and peaceful. The Great Wheel was still working, the ferries between waterfront and the Bainbridge Island still went in and out of the piers. But sailboats were coming back home. But tourists were saying goodbye to a whole day of wonderful trip. As it got darker gradually, what I saw was a Chinese painting, simple but far-reaching.


Aiki Point Lighthouse, Seattle, WA

Taking a water taxi to the West Seattle and looking back to the waterfront skyline, it is another view. Here at West Seattle, a couple of parks are built along the Elliott Bay: In the Seacrest Park, men and women walk their dogs and chat casually; young couples sit under big trees and enjoy a different version of Seattle Skyline at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, and walk even further, you will enter the Aiki Beach Park with lots of people playing volleyballs, having picnic or simply relaxing on the beach. It happened to have an Aiki Arts Fair going on the day I visited, so as a bonus, I found something more interesting: silent auction, homemade artifacts sell and live music show. And if you walk all the way down to the corner point, here is the Aiki Point Lighthouse. This year is its 100th anniversary! Aiki Point Lighthouse 1913-2013!