Gorge Trail, Watkins Glen, NY

Sitting on the tip of Seneca Lake, the largest one in all glacial Finger Lakes, Watkins Glen State Park is most famous for its 19 waterfalls along the gorge. Walking along the trail reminds me of quite some similar scenery in China, such as the Golden Whip Brook (金鞭溪) in Zhangjiajie(張家界), Hunan. But the most impressive  part of hiking on the Gorge Trail is to see the shape of rock along the way. While being cut through by the creek, the canyon wall just seems to be an accumulation of multiple sheets of rocks: It shows us the trace of time, quietly.


Lake Ontario, Webster, NY

Being so close to Lake Ontario, we have the natural advantage of enjoying the best view of it. We wait until sunset during our second visit there, and it was really fabulous! There is a small party going on on that day: some people dressed up and danced in the country music,  some others were just quietly sitting on the bay or fishing on the bridge, waiting for the moment to come. And while the sun slowly went down, magic happened in the sky. Pieces of cloud just turned into a variety of different colors: red, gold,purple…No wonder there is a saying that sky in the sunset is just like an overturned color palette of a painter.


George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

At the entrance of George Eastman House, the home of the founder of Kodak company. Not too many visitors there due to the renovation, yet, we came across to several newly-married couples. One couple and their families are enjoying the wedding ceremony at a Greek Church nearby, another one are taking wedding photographs in the gorgeous garden of George Eastman House. Here comes the third one. Accompanied by family and friends, the bride went through the corridor and came towards us, towards a brand new chapter in her life, towards hundreds and thousands of “tomorrows”, some are special days, most will just be normal. But today, at this moment, she must be the happiest person in the world.


Lift Bridge, Fairport, NY

Getting bored with the quiet Webster neighborhood,  we finally decide to explore a little bit about what is going on nearby. And lucky for us, there are indeed some events happening during the weekends: The annual festival for the Erie Canal, Fairport Canal Days! It is really a nice get-together for local artists, musician, and more importantly, it is a party for the local people to enjoy the great food and have fun. Along the main street, there are quite a few interesting shops with different artifacts being sold, pottery, jewelry, paintings, to name a few. And here comes the Lift Bridge, which connects the two sections of the main street on both sides of the canal, and like Tower Bridge in London, it can even be lifted when ships are coming!  Cool!