Franklin Parkway, Philadephia, PA

This is probably the widest road I’ve ever seen in United States so far. Well, I may exaggerate a little bit here, but the point is, this road looks really great. Somehow it reminded me of the road heading to Buckingham Palace in London. Well, actually, this road connects two very important buildings in Philadelphia: on one end sits the City Hall, and on the other end is the Museum of Art. And…it got a very “important” name, Franklin Parkway. As you might have already known, it is named after Benjamin Franklin, who is so beloved in this city.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA

I was sitting in front of the National Constitution Center and staring at the Independence Hall, thinking about some random stuff. There comes the carriages. For a moment, I felt like being in a scene of the movie “Pride and Prejudice”, when Elizabeth visited Mr. Darcy’s palace with her auntie and uncle. And¬† the next moment, I could almost visualize myself in the 18th century, witnessing the founders of this country gathered at this place, signed the Declaration of Independence, and opened a new era. Hmm, I guess this is probably the magic power of historic sites: you can look back at history as if you were there, witnessing everything.

Old City, Philadelphia, PA

Walking in the Old City of Philadelphia and suddenly, this cute European-style old house leaped into my eyes. I happened to watch a movie “Midnight in Paris” the other night, and surely this cute house reminded me of quite a lot scenes in the movie. The main character in the movie is a born romantic who loves Paris so much, especially in rain. Quote from the movie, “Can you picture how drop dead gorgeous this city is in the rain?” Well, I guess walking in Philadelphia¬† in afternoon — when the sun finally showed up after a whole cloudy day — is pretty enjoyable too, if not romantic.